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hi I exist! please be warned while most times I do E and T art, there are pieces I draw that will be M or A rated and contain nsfw content, it is suggested if you dont like this, do not interact


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things that would make me stop drawing porn

Posted by DoorMeme - June 14th, 2021

none of these will ever possibly happen, I'll just list them

someone manages to be able to make any fictional character they want come to life

someone else makes Eddsworld pornos and porn games for me

someone buys me body pillows of Eddsworld characters or anything that resembles an Eddsworld character and is able to be fucked comes into my posession

me committing suicide


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May as well list the answers to that:
1. Here's the following that would come close to bringing fictional characters to life, but both would require you to save a lot of money:

A. VR technology, similar to Oculus Rift, with custom made haptic technology so that you can feel what you see. The goggles and the programming are the most expensive, but the haptics are cheap in comparison, because anyone can build that.
These are just examples of basic haptics, but for what you're looking for, you'd need a full boy suit and gloves for that.
B. Holographic technology. While I can't find the link to it, someone was able to make interactive holographic technology out of two Wii remotes and an ultrasonic device so they could feel what they see.
All you would have to do for either would be to find someone who can tweak the technology to your liking or design it yourself.

2. I'm pretty sure someone out there would be able to make those art and games. It's the net so you never know.

3. Body Pillows by themselves are easy to find, as even the erotic ones are just cheap human sized pillows. What you'd really need is a case to put over them. Which you can easily get if you have the right picture and know a print shop site that makes customized pillow cases.

4. I don't know what your religious belief is or lack thereof. I myself am Pagan and I don't ask unless necessary what others' beliefs or lack thereof are. However, let's say hypothetically the Christian way ended up being true. Suicide would be a one way trip to Hell and whatever desires you had in life would turn into eternal torments. Your love of Eddsworld Porn would end up being used against you in the worst of ways. However, again, it depends on whether you believe in it or not, there are ways of exiting this world temporarily without having to harm yourself or end your life. Some ways even allow you to experience your deepest desires come to life in a mostly safe environment.

1: I'm broke as fuck
2: no, everyone is a cunt
3: I can't afford body pillows
4: I'd be going to hell anyway because im not cishet

Didn't you say that you're 15? And porn is 18+

I think you should do whatever makes you happy(ish) although know that it might get bad vibes here.

I think zone and them built a fan base over time(long time) and even now maybe some people still hate their stuff and zero it. That’s normal. You have to have thick skin on this website. Hopefully you’re feeling better!

@CIEIRMusic @DoorMeme
1. Wait at least a couple years, you'll be old enough to get a paypal account and you'll literally make your cash through things like Paypal and crowdfunding.
2. It's the net. They literally make porn out of anything. I would not be surprised if the day they run out of ideas they start using inanimate objects like desks and tables, to make a porn out of. I'm pretty sure there are at least others like you that are into Eddsworld that way.
3. If you can't buy it learn how to make one. I'm pretty sure there's a shop somewhere with cheap enough materials for it. Then the only thing you'd need is a case.
4. While I am Pagan, I take the bible with a grain of salt. I do believe suicide is a sin regardless of what religion you are, but when it comes to the stuff about different sexual orientations I find that there is a loophole. But I can't explain it properly myself so I'll use this clip. https://youtu.be/z99xMxWNBEg?t=461 Long story short I don't think you not being Cishet would send you to Hell. Bare in mind the people in charge of writing the books in said bible were predominantly cis-gendered men who believed any woman in power to be a witch and have most likely burned down Sodom and Gomorrah and blamed God for that.

A ok